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The Danish Glassnet

The Danish Glassnet is a society for practising glassblowers, designers and artists in Denmark.
It was established in 1996 at a meeting held in Ebeltoft, arranged by four glass artists.
The idea behind the society is to create a closer contact for practising artists by means of a network.

A newsletter for members is sent out to the members 2-3 times a year, which contains useful information about meetings, courses, workshops, materials, study trips, exhibitions etc.
Members are welcome to send in information which they would like to have printed.

This website will not be translated to English.
You can, however, probably find usable information, for instance addresses, maps and links, by using this Danish site.

CLICK HERE for info on GLASS BIENNALE 2008, including European Glass Context 2008, on Bornholm.

Studios are found on the "Værksted"-menu, and Members on the "Medlem"-menu.

Any enquires about the society or membership can be directed to addresses at the Contacts page.